Lara Logan- They target you if you tell the truth!

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This is why I don't have advertisers. If you would like to support, visit Some of these reports after my Lara Logan Mike Drop podcast interview highlight exactly what we talked about with the left leaning media. Some “reporters” and “media” publications (which, I feel like calling them “reporters” is doing disservice to real reporters out there) are total hacks. They have labeled me and put out there that I am a Breitbart podcast host, Breitbart reporter, Conservative podcaster; all of which are incorrect. I want to make it clear this is my own podcast and I don’t work for any news organizations. Many reporters and publications got it right, why couldn’t many of the left leaning media do the same? Many of you have asked how to support the Mike Drop Podcast, if you would like to support- visit #MikeDrop #MikeDropPodcast

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