Troubleshooting Shock and Strut Problems | ACDelco Garage

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Does your car have excessive bounce as you drive down the road? When you brake to stop, does the front of your car "nosedive"? If so, you should check out your local ACDelco Professional Service Center. Replacing your shocks and struts not only ensures a much smoother ride, but it will make your car safer too. Trying to stop with worn shocks and struts could increase your braking distance by as much as 20 feet! At higher speeds, it could be more. So, How do you know when to change your shocks and struts? As mentioned earlier you will have longer than normal braking distance and a very bouncy ride. The other sign is you will have oil and grime build-up on the shock or strut. This will be noticed during a brake check or tire rotation and your service advisor should alert you that it is time to change your shocks and struts. For more information or to find your local ACDelco professional Service Center, head over to - Learn more about ACDelco - Locate a Parts Retail Store - Find a Professional Service Center

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Published at: 5 years ago
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