Vuforia Expert Capture: Preserve Manufacturing Skillsets with the Help of AR



In some cases the skills gap is entry-level workers struggling to enter the workforce; in some, it is mid-career workers who lost their jobs due to factory closings or layoffs needing to adapt; in others, it is aging experts exiting the workforce via retirement. PTC is offering a solution to address the workforce skills gap. Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest, easiest way to create powerful step-by-step instructions that help front-line workers get their jobs done quickly and accurately. Some of our favorite moments: 0:34 Who is EAC? 4:20 Overview of Vuforia Expert Capture 6:40 Demonstration - 7:00 Capturing a knowledge matter expert process - 9:35 Editing a Vuforia Expert Capture experience - 12:06 Viewing a published Vuforia Expert Capture experience 15:00 The value of Vuforia Expert Capture To learn more about Vuforia Expert Capture visit:

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