How to Make Most Powerful Flashlight Phone case With Additional Power bank Feature

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This is a powerful phone case that not only outputs a powerful beam of light, but also is a power bank that charges the phone. A 180 degrees hinge on the flashlight makes shining the light anywhere while maintaining a comfortable angle on the phone. The flashlights last 12 hours on low power, 1 hour on high power. At 10% power, it is already 4-5 times brighter than the flashlight on the phone. At full power, it is 55-60times stronger. WARNING: Be careful with Lipo, they can explode if mishandled. I'm not responsible for any damages. Notes: The original inspiration for this project came from my phone getting low on battery often. I also often go hiking at night, the flashlight on my phone was insufficient. So I set out to build a case that would not only let me see clearly in the night, but also have long battery life. This is why I did not use a 100W chip with Supercaps. Sure it is brighter, but it is not practical. Another design constrain I had was with the heat dissipation. This is the most powerful LED chip I can squeeze in and still be able to cool it sufficiently at full power, all other designs require significant sacrifices such as drastically decreasing battery size, increase in thickness, and power delivery. I think this design stricks a good balance between power, ergonomics, and longevity. Also, Not all lightning cables work, so far I only found the one linked below works. (I tried more than 5 brands) The soldering I used is the TS100, I highly recommend this over the Weller I used to use. Buy it here & support the channel: You can find positive reviews on this iron all over youtube. Part Links: (some are affiliate) LED:¤cycode=USD XL6009 4A boost converter: Mini Voltmeter: Thermal Epoxy: Thermal paste: switch (small): Universal charger: 2s BMS with balance: 25mm fans: 3000mAh Lipo: 6-12v to 5V step down: 5v to 8.4v lipo charger: Heatpipes: Temperature switch: Liner pot: Switch 3A: USB min female connector: VGA heatsinks are salvaged from old computers, you just need heat sink that is lower than 6.5mm 3D file link: Music used: Tobu-Caelum Tobu-Motion NCS: Lensko-Titsepoken 2, 2015

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