Brutal DUKE NUKEM 3D - Episode 1 LA MELTDOWN [100% SECRETS]

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Brutal Duke Nukem 3D mod for uh... Duke Nukem 3D is a modification made by RPDguy and is available to download in the topic provided below. The modification adds the new visual effects and some small changes to the gunplay, like added recoil to the Chaingun or ejected shells visible on ground. All of the weapons except the basic pistol have got the doubled total ammo capacity - you can pick a total of 100 missiles or 100 shells, Chaingun has even more total 500 rounds! This mod is all about looking awesome, if you remember these choking Lizard Troopers, you can basically kick their head off! The first episode in Duke Nukem 3D is the famous LA Meltdown, in case of the 100% Secrets issue and "OMG, but there are 7 levels)" - no, there are not 7 levels in Atomic Edition. The E1L7 "Faces of Death" was properly added as a secret level in World Tour and in the 1.3d/Atomic editions it can be only accessed with using cheats. Thus, we will explore all six original levels in Episode I, including the short and sweet Launch Facility with only 60+ enemies on the map. First two levels are also quite short and fast to complete, the difficulty spike grows with second half of this episode. For example a Toxic Dump has got a total of 14 secrets, it is a quite large map that can be quite confusing for players. The final boss level (Abyss), lets talk here about being confused when playing for the first time - it is surely not an easy map to navigate. To reveal the last part of the map, you must stand in one place to trigger the earthquake. Then you will be able to find the crashed Alien spaceship with the Battlelord inside - this is by far the most difficult Boss Battle in entire Duke Nukem 3D. You do not have the Devastator weapon in this point of the game and it is the only one boss with hitscan attacks - just run around him and try to grab Atomic Health whenever you can. E1L1 - 00:20 8 Secrets E1L2 - 06:16 8 Secrets E1L3 - 13:43 10 Secrets E1L4 - 23:00 14! Secrets E1L6 - 34:55 4 Secrets E1L5 - 41:20 6 Secrets Brutal Duke Nukem 3D - EDUKE32 -

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