Breakdown Maintenance - Scheduled Maintenance - Preventive Maintenance - Predictive Maintenance

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Mainly this Channel for Engineering Students, such as Btech/BE, Diploma Engineering (Polytechnic), ITI students. This Video Tutorial will be very helpful to our final year Engineering Students (BTech and Diploma Students). In this tutorial students can learn "Breakdown Maintenance - Scheduled Maintenance - Preventive Maintenance - Predictive Maintenance". Types of Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance:- In break down maintenance, defects are retified only when the machine can not perform its function any longer and the production department is compelled to call on the maintenance engineer for the repairs. After repairing the defect, the maintenanc engineers do not attend the machine again until another failure. Failure of electric motor, breakage of gear shifting levers in a lathe, shearing of lead screw pin, electical faults etc come under this category of breakdown. Advantages:- 1) It requires low cost. 2) It requires less staff. Disadvantages:- 1) Increased cost due to unplanned down time of equipment. 2) Increased labour cost,especially if overtime is needed. 3) Reduction of output. 4) Faster plant destruction. 5) Increased chances of accidents and less safety to both workers and machines. 6) More spoilt material. 7) Direct loss of profit. Scheduled maintenance:- It is used to avoid breakdowns. It incorporates inspection, lubrication, repair and overhaul of equipments at predecided intervals before actual break down occurs. The examples are overhauling or servicing of machines, cleaning of water and other tanks etc. It aims to reduce machine stoppage due to sudden break-downs to avoid emergency maintenance. Preventive Maintenance:- It locates weak spots in all equipments, provides regular inspection and minor repairs for them, thus reducing the chances of unanticipated breakdown. Preventive maintenance is sometimes termed as “planned maintenance” or “Scheduled maintenance” or “Systematic plant maintenance” etc. It is an extremely important function for the reduction of maintenance cost and to keep the good operational condition of equipment and hence increases the reliability. Elements of preventive maintenance:- 1) Inspection. 2) Planning or scheduling. 3) Lubrication. 4) Training of Maintemance personnel. 5) Maintenance of Records. 6) Material Management for Maintenance. Advantages of Preventive Maintenance:- 1) Reduction in production downtime. 2) Lesser overtime pay for maintenance personnel. 3) Greater safety for workers. 4) Increased component life cycle. 5) Energy saving. 6) Low maintenance and repair cost. 7) Lesser number of standby equipment are needed. Disadvantages of Preventive Maintenance:- 1) Needing a large work force. 2) Includes performance of unneeded maintence. Predictive maintenance:- It is comparatively a newer maintenance technique. It makes use of human senses or other sensitive instruments such as Audio gauges, Vibration analyzers, Amplitude meters, pressure, temperature and resistance strain gauges etc to predict the breakdown before it actually occurs. Predictive maintemance extends the service life of an equipment without fear of failure. For example unusual sounds coming out of a rotating equipment predict a trouble, an electric cable excessive hot at one point predicts a trouble etc. If any query or suggestion then comment below. And don't forget to support me by like, subscribe and share. ----------------------- This Tutorial Video developed by Mr Soumen Chakrabarti, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Govt. Polytechnic, W.B., more than 27 years experience in teaching and CAD field. for any query, M- 9903023741 #maintenance_engineering #types_of_maintenance #preventivemaintenance #mechanical_engineering #predictivemaintenance #breakdownmaintenance #Scheduled_Maintenance

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