Embracing Messaging and Eventual Consistency in your Microservices Solutions - Michele Bustamante

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Microservices are not for everyone, but there are some incredible benefits to employing microservice architecture principles to enable co-evolution of services and features and reduce friction during the DevOps cycle. In addition, adopting a message-based approach can offer some real benefits including enabling async processing and scale, enhancing visibility into business processes, and enabling ways to project new data views such as history and audit or completely new views supporting new features. Services that "fit in your head" lead to a more manageable approach to introducing message-based strategies. In this session you'll learn how to design a microservices solution that relies on messages and CQRS patterns, CQRS views, eventual consistency and data projections, and message capture for the projection of new views in future. The concepts are platform independent, while actual demos will be based on ASP.NET Core, and Azure features such as Event Hubs, Azure Kubernetes Service, SQL Database and Cosmos DB. NDC Conferences https://www.ndcconferences.com https://ndcporto.com

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