25 Most Paused Disney Movie Moments



These Disney Moments Were Definitely Made For Adults Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TheBinger They’re those blink and you’ll miss it moments. The kind of moments that have you rubbing your eyes questioning what you just saw. These are the most paused Disney moments. Don’t worry, we’re being super liberal with the term Disney. That way we can mention some of our favorite Pixar moments too. From spotting Mickey in a crowded room, to seeing the Good Dinosaur before the movie even came out. That’s right, we’re talking scenes like Frozen’s special send up to Wreck-it Ralph, or Nani’s poster of her favorite Disney princess. There’s no shortage of great moments you can’t see without stopping the tape. Lucky for you, The Binger put on their detective hat and found the best of the best. Get ready to squint hard occasionally and maybe even pick your jaw up off the floor once or twice. Here is all those iconic freezable moments from the Mickey Mouse corporation.

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Published at: ۵ months ago