AWC SL Circuit Season 2 | Day 2 Full VOD

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The top eight teams from both North America and Europe face off in a four-week round robin for their share of the $160,000 (USD) total prize pool and one of four invites per region to the 2021 AWC Grand Finals. 0. Countdown- 00:00 1. Live Broadcast Begins- 31:03 2. Skill Capped vs BadLuckBones- 37:22 3. Reload Esports vs Horizon- 1:22:57 4. Method EU vs Cowana Gaming- 1:51:45 5. Hamsters & Hares vs They Like- 3:26:29 6. OTK vs Golden Guardians- 3:59:43 7. Unitas Blue vs Shadow Word: Chicken- 4:37:39 8. Cloud9 vs Method NA- 5:36:52 ► Follow WoW Esports on Twitter! ► Subscribe for more WoW Esports: ► Schedule: ► Gear & Talents: ► AWC Shadowlands: Circuit Trailer: Match Schedule: SKILL CAPPED vs BADLUCKBONES RELOAD ESPORTS vs HORIZON (Prev Myway) METHOD EU vs COWANA GAMING HAMSTERS & HARES vs THEY LIKE OTK vs GOLDEN GUARDIANS UNITAS BLUE vs SHADOW WORD: CHICKEN CLOUD9 vs METHOD NA #WoWEsports​ #AWC2021​ #ArenaWorldChampionship​ #WorldofWarcraft​

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