Bosnian coffee



How to make Bosnian (or Turkish) Coffee: You'll need actual Bosnian Coffee (can be found online or at an ethnic food store), the coffee pot specific for making this style of coffee called a Dzezva (Jez-vuh), the coffee cups (like espresso cups), tea kettle or electric kettle or small pot to boil it in, coffee creamer/cream/milk and sugar or sugar cubes are optional. Other than the specific coffee and pot, most people have the needed tools. Most drink it black, first time you should try it black to get a taste. It's not necessary to make it strong if you prefer it weaker while it's generally a stronger coffee. The amount of tablespoons to use depend on how much you're making. 1 tablespoon per cup which can be measure as 1 tablespoon per 6/7 ounces. No need to stir as it's optional, but can be stirred after initially adding boiler water. Stirring will bring the grounds up and around. They need to remain settled. Most importantly ~ enjoy.

Published by: Mila Mila
Published at: ۲ years ago