RUSSIAN OVERKILL 2.5 + Holy Hell - The most overpowered Hero ever

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RUSSIAN OVERKILL 2.5 with HOLY HELL WAD, one of the most known Slaughterwads designed with thousands of monsters for Doom. Mod - Russian Overkill 2.5 / WAD - Holy Hell / Music - Red Alert 3 & Mike Norvak Reduked / Addons - Bolognese Gore Mod, CrosshairHP, LevelInfo. Russian Overkill is the same type of mod like Guncaster, it's also from the same author some expect being extremely overpowered against monsters. Your character(s) are heavily overpowered with having access to the most sophisticated arsenal you can ever imagine. There are also some elements you can recognize from the Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer Renegade. Your character can have the insane amount of health and armor, you also have the privilege to carry one of the most crazy weapons ever. Your fingers spawn the rockets on wheels that slowly travel towards the enemy. Basic pistol? It emits weird noises while thrown. You have so much power in your arms that throwing C4 charges at monsters instagib them. You have also got access to such Miniguns that fire Jet Fighters (literally), fire hundreds of rounds in a minute or fire missiles that can fire smaller rounds at targets. But of course it's not enough, you also can use the Quad Barrel Shotgun, Prism Lasers, Tank Cannons, Cannonballs, Sticky Bombs and these are the really weird weapons... you have the launcher that fires mini headless suicide bombers from Serious Sam. You have got so many weird weapons, that even the double grenades used in melee make sense. Do not forget, that in this mod you can also summon Apocalypse Tanks to wreck anything in your path. Russian Overkill - Holy Hell - Mike Norvak's Reduked - CrosshairHP, LevelInfo - Bolognese -

Published by: Martinoz
Published at: 2 years ago
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