TUTORIAL: Convert a CAD 3D model from STP, IGS, LOG, MSH, XBF formats to GLB for Augmented Reality



Learn how to convert STP (STEP), IGS (IGES), LOG, OFF, 3DM, VRML, WRL, MSH, XBF, BREP 3D file formats to GLB using the CAD Assistant software. CAD Assistant download: https://www.opencascade.com/products/cad-assistant/ Convert a CAD model: https://ar-code.com/blog/video-tutorial-how-to-convert-a-3d-cad-model-from-stp-step-or-igs-iges-formats-to-glb-or-obj Reduce the size of your 3D model: https://ar-code.com/blog/video-tutorial-how-to-compress-reduce-the-size-of-an-industrial-3d-cad-model-with-meshlab-and-blender AR Code: https://ar-code.com AR Code demo: https://ar-code.com/at7N9bumT?view=preview #AugmentedReality #CAD #convert #3ddesign #3dmodeling #ar #metaverse

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