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Here at Quantastic, we are proud to bring to you yet another episode of artistic classics. This time we have a wonderful and eclectic mix of art forms. All brought together for one reason, their incredible talent. Everything from miniature pottery to Viking Knitting, join us and enjoy a few fantastic clips of inspiring artists who love to create. Check Out These Amazing Artists: SALVENTIUS Instagram: Youtube: Web: Shop: Niels Kiené Salventius is an artist known for his one line drawings. STEPHANIE KILGAST Instagram: Stephanie Kilgast is a French artist living in Vannes, Morbihan, Bretagne, France. Contemporary sculptures and watercolor paintings about plastic . ANDREW CADIMA Instagram: Youtube: Web: Aside from portraiture, the artist also paints objects like spoons, pizza slices, bananas, eggs, and even integrating marble for eyes KENSUKE KOIKE Instagram: Kensuke Koike is a surrealist artist aiming to challenge the possibility of Image Making THATEMBROIDERYGIRL Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: This artist's skills for embroidery are simply outstanding. Her unique creations wil amaze you. DEVON RODRIGUEZ Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Devon Rodriguez draws amazing sketches to strange people. His work is as detailed as astonishing. Next time you're on a subway ride, you could be the model of this skilled artist. MATHEW BOUDREAUX Youtube: Web: Facebook: Online school: Mister Domestic (Mathew Boudreaux) has an online sewing school and is a Fabric Designer for Art Gallery Fabrics. VLADINSK Instagram: Tiktok: Louis Gibiard, better known as Vladinsk, is a 18-year old self taught artist from France. MAARTEN VAN HALDEREN Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: The artist Maarten van Halderen is based in Raamsdonk, the Netherlands and is known for his metal sculptures. SIMON Instagram: GUILLEM TURRO Instagram: MINNIE MCGEE Instagram: MAT PRINGLE Instagram: Web: Shop: Mat Pringle is a Margate based illustrator, printmaker and arts educator. NEBENZU Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Other: Twitter: NFTs: Nebenzu is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. TATSUYA TANAKA Instagram: FRANCIOS DOURLEN Instagram: ANTONI TUDISCO Instagram: MUAHOLICS Insatagram: JON ALMEDA Instagram: Youtube: Jon Almeda is a miniature ceramic artist located on Oahu in Hawaii. Raised in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest STEVE CASINO Instagram: Steve Casino is an artist who makes pop culture art from peanuts and other odd canvases VICTOR HAEGELIN Instagram: Lord Victor Haegelin is a Film Director & Stop-Motion Anima Director FERHAT EDİZKAN Instagram: Youtube: Ferhat is an illustrator who plays with shapes and materials. His art is a combination of negative and positive space with perspective. He normally uses, markers, ink and pens, but if you look closer you can find many other materials. SELINA Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: Selina Höß has gained notoriety due to her professional skills working with Viking styles of jewellery making. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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