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In Scala we use the term "type safety", but what it really means? In short, most applications model data types in a form suitable for storage, change, transmission, and use. During the life cycle of the data, we expect to always use the declared type. But reality is a bit more complicated. One of the main practical problems with the use of types occurs when our application interacts with outside world - in requests to external services, different databases or simply with getting data from file. In most cases, an attempt to support type safety leads to writing a lot of code that we always try to avoid. Fortunately we have macros to do all routine job for us! In this talk we will discuss how to use compile-time reflection in library for schemaless key-value database and the benefits of use of macros in production systems. ABOUT SPEAKER Marina is a software engineer. She graduated from Lomonosov MSU with a degree in Physics. Fashion-ballet-travel-addict. Loves life. And Scala.

Published by: ScalaWave Conference
Published at: ۳ years ago
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