RHCSA : User Administration in RHEL7/CentOS7 (create, modify, delete user account and setting)

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In this video, I will demonstrate about user administration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Basically, there are three types of users in Linux: Root user, Normal user or Standard user and System user (or pseudo user). The root account is the equivalent of the Administrator or Enterprise Admin account in the Windows world. It is the most powerful account on the system and has access to everything. Normal user accounts have no write access to anything on the system except their home directory which is created when the user account is added. However, they can read and explore much of the system. A system account is similar to a normal user account. The main difference is that system users normally don’t have a home directory and can’t log in the way normal users do. Many system users are created or associated with applications or services to help run them more securely. Thank you for watching, Please leave a comment if you have any confusion or anything to ask. See you in the next lecture until then have a nice time, Goodbye ! For more : https://networkheros.com

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