Chris Smeenk: Einstein's Path to a New Theory



In November 1915, Einstein published a new theory of gravity. This lecture recounts the “rough and winding road” Einstein took in developing his theory, which ended with a dramatic race to the finish. Einstein’s approach was philosophical, partially guided by conceptual puzzles regarding space and motion. We will consider recent critical assessments of Einstein’s philosophy, along with the more general question of how philosophy can contribute to physics. Presented as part of the philosophy lecture series, Einstein: Philosopher/Scientist, co-hosted by the London Public Library. Chris Smeenk, Western University October 7, 2015 Visit the Rotman website for more information on applications, events, project descriptions and openings. Follow The Rotman Institute on Twitter: Like The Rotman Institute on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel:

منتشر شده توسط: Rotman Institute of Philosophy
تاریخ انتشار: ۴ سال پیش
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