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FACEBOOK PAGE LINK ► How to convert video to GIF and send with WhatsApp: Shoot a video that you would like to make into a GIF. Open a conversation in WhatsApp. Tap the attachment icon (the paperclip) on the top right. Select Gallery. Select the video that you want to convert into a GIF. AndroidPIT whatsapp video gif feature tips tricks Open a conversation, and choose your video to convert. / © ANDROIDPIT In the video editor that appears, tap the camcorder icon on the top right once. You should see GIF appear in its place. Edit the video as you wish, but it must be under six seconds long to be converted. When you are done trimming the video and adding the optional message, just tap the green arrow icon to send. AndroidPIT whatsapp video gif feature tips tricks 2 Tap the camcorder, trim the video, convert to GIF and send. / © ANDROIDPIT And now you've converted your video into a GIF. Congratulations! Enjoy sending all kinds of fun GIFs to your friends and family. gif for whatsapp iphone gif send gif whatsapp gif images for whatsapp gif app iphone gif keyboard iphone iphone texting gif whatsapp animated gif iphone message gif iphone typing gif gifs for texting send gif whatsapp iphone send gif gif files for whatsapp whatsapp send video ios 10 gif keyboard send gif iphone animated gifs whatsapp convert video for whatsapp online gif whatsapp iphone iphone whatsapp search create gif for whatsapp share gif on whatsapp whatsapp animated gif download iphone 6 gif gif app whatsapp gif download whatsapp gif message whatsapp video converter gif whatsapp video gif maker video to gif gif whatsapp gif for whatsapp gif to video gif creator gif maker from video whatsapp animated gif convert video to gif gif converter convert gif to video whatsapp gif video short videos for whatsapp whatsapp animated videos gif maker app convert mp4 to gif create gif from video gif video app send gif whatsapp gif images for whatsapp gif generator whatsapp gif android gif whatsapp iphone free gifs whatsapp animated images convert gif to mp4 video to gif online iphone gif turn video into gif gif maker online whatsapp animated gif Send Gif files From Whatsapp (Official Update) How To Send GIF Images On WhatsApp? How to Search GIF and Send GIF on WhatsApp How to send GIF file on Whatsapp (Official Update) [ Hindi-हिन्दी How To Send Gif On Whatsapp - Animated Images On Whatsapp [BEGINNER'S TUTORIAL] How To Send GIFs On Whatsapp [Official Method] | How To Make/Create GIFs on Whatsapp. How to create and send Gif image in whatsapp How to send GIF on whatsapp [HINDI] How to create and share GIF within WhatsApp Whatsapp tricks to share your video as GIF images!! - Howtosolveit How to Convert Videos into GIF on WhatsApp How to send video as gif in whatsapp Convert Video to GIF in WhatsApp How to convert WhatsApp video to GIF image free on Android how to make GIF Video on WhatsApp [Hindi Convert Videos Into GIFs On WhatsApp (Latest Feature) How to Create and Share/Send Gif/Animation on whatsapp (in HINDI) How to create and share GIF within WhatsApp How to convert a video into GIF in WhatsApp and send how to convert video to gif on whatsapp || Whatsapp New Feature 2017 [hindi] Whatsapp Tricks 2017 Whatsapp tricks August Whatsapp Tricks September whatsapp tips and tricks 2017 whatsapp tricks 2016 How To Send GIF In Whatsapp,How To Change/Convert A Videos To GIF In Whatsapp,GIF Maker,video to gif,gif for whatsapp,send gif whatsapp,gif images for whatsapp,whatsapp animated gif,gif app,whatsapp video converter,whatsapp tricks 2017,whatsapp tricks september,latest whatsapp update,new whatsapp features,iphone gif,in hindi,loving colours,technical,How to create and send Gif in whatsapp,whatsapp tricks august

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