Synthesia: Undertale - Dogsong | 74,000+ Notes | Black MIDI

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♫ This is a MIDI created by Scub Domino, the same guy who made Finale and Battle Against a True Hero. It's a short MIDI but it's nice nonetheless. After this, for Undertale content, up next will probably be Asgore but we will see after time. As this is uploaded I will be on vacation for some time. Expect sorry for possible delay. I try to get as much content up as possible. I am still working on mutliple Touhou 16 tutorials as well. These will be up as soon as I'm back. VFX by AA VFX: ------------------------------------------------------ ✔ MIDI Download: (At original video) ------------------------------------------------------ Song: Undertale - Dogsong (Greater Dog's theme) MIDI by: Scub Domino Note count: 74,465 Soundfont(s) used: sDetrimental Concert Grand Piano by Frozen Snow. ------------------------------------------------------ ♬ Other great Black MIDI Channels: ► Gingeas: ► Scub Domino: ► Infernis: ► Tarwil: ► TheSuperMarioBros2: ► TheTrustedComputer: ► Gray Vagabond: ------------------------------------------------------ © Re-use of any of the Audio-visual material in this video is prohibited without permission. Do not use clips of my videos or audio outside the realms of Fair Use without prior permission. Breaking this rule may result in your video being taken down. If by chance you are the copyright holder of any of the material in this video and aren't content with the way it was used, you can contact me by e-mail and I will discuss what I can do for you. ------------------------------------------------------ Piano~

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