Orcs Must Die! World 2nd 11x Combo by Fryedegg (OMD Gameplay) HD

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12 hours after Boosia achieved the worlds 1st 11x combo, I got the world 2nd 11x. (to the best of anyone's knowledge anyways.) Map is Nightmare Tower and trap load out was: crossbow lightening ring tar trap brimstone arrow wall steam trap *DO NOT GET OVER COILED SPRINGS! floor scorcher auto ballista clock work mace Archer Strat: Use the low ceiling area at the top close to the rift and setup your killbox. Starting underneath that over hang, go brimstone across, then steam traps, then lastly tar. Clock work maces above tar and steam traps, 5x auto ballistas above brimstone. 3 arrow walls in the kill box. Floor scorchers pointed at teh killbox extending towards the rift. Archers in the back at almost max range. Make sure to cast your lightening storm whenever you have mana. Thats how I did it! Enjoy! download the demo/buy Orcs Must Die Here! : http://store.steampowered.com/app/102600/?snr=1_4_4__13

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