HEAVY DUTY™ workout 9

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Man, I am kinda hesitant about the workout today. Not feeling super energized, but I have had plenty of time off so I am recovered (at least I feel recovered). I think I'm just a little tired. Breakfast Ate light thinking I wanted to avoid tossing my cookies during the workout. 1. 1 cup old fashioned oatmeal 2. 1 cup pineapple chunks Calories 383, Protein 10.9g (11%), Carbs 75.6g (79%), Fats 6.2g (15%) Workout OMG, I can barely move. Having the extra days off again really paid extra dividends. strength was WAY WAY UP on everything. More weight and more reps on virtually every exercise. By lifting the heavier weights I felt like I beat my body up worse than any other workout. The workout started off like normal, good warmups. But all weights felt easy. My supersets were going great. The only hiccup was my pulldowns. I went up in weight on the Nautilus pullovers and it spent me. I also went up in weight on the pulldowns, so by the time I got there my fatigue was too great for the weight I had chosen. (FYI I can barely type right now.... Every bit of my body feels spent!!!) The grand finale was DEADLIFT! I was hoping to do 405 for the slow reps, but my forearms and body were trashed by the time I got there. I instead decided to try 365 (up about 50 pounds from last time) and it was a good move. I nailed the reps and cadence well. As soon as I was done, I felt tired, but ok.... but only for about 2 minutes, then I couldn't even sit... I had to lay down on the gym floor and recover for about 10 minutes. I have never felt such fatigue before!!!!! Killer workout! 1. Pec Deck Flys: 165 lbs 8 reps failure on 9th 2. Hammer Incline Press: 2 plates per side 3 reps failure on 4th SUPERSET 3. Nautilus Pullover: 185 lbs 6 reps failure on 7th 4. Palms Up Pulldown: 165 lbs 5 reps failure on 6th SUPERSET 5. DeadLift: 365 lbs 6 reps failure on 7th I just realized we had almost two weeks off since our last workout. TWO WEEKS OFF!!! and my strength was way up!!! LOL, I can't believe it. I don't know if I should have less than two weeks off in between workouts. To see all workouts and the diets http://boiseexperiment.com if you are new to BLOGs go right to the HELP page http://boiseexperiment.com/HeavyDuty/?page_id=308

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