Clippers that cut anything

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Tool: Knipex 10-Inch High Leverage Diagonal Cutters Transcript: Time now for my one minute review of a tool I found through the Cool Tools blog. It’s one of my favorite ways to discover new, useful, and unexpected tools. This week I’m going to show you these Knipex High Leverage Cutters. These cost around $35, which isn’t cheap for a pair of clippers, but they’re indestructible. They’re drop forged, so they’re extremely tough. They’re rated for cutting through Piano Wire, which is essentially tempered spring steel and easily damages most cutters. Personally, I’ve used these on cutting away sharp ends of nails and screws. But I’ll also use them on overkill things like zip ties or extracting my kid’s toy from packaging tie downs. It’s safer and more satisfying than a box cutter. Also, and I probably should have led with this — they were reviewed on the Cool Tools blog by Adam Savage. He loves them, and that alone was enough for me. I’ve got an Amazon link in the show notes, and by using that link you help to support this show and the Cool Tools blog and podcast. Find more Cool Tool reviews here: Check out Maker Project Lab here:

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