Web Development - What is Clean URL?



In the earlier video, we hosted our website on a Linux machine in the cloud environment. However, this website address looks unusual. A standard site will have a different type of web address. For example, the Learning Journal website is available at www.learningjournal.guru. Similarly, YouTube is available at www.youtube.com. We used the Azure cloud, and that was available at azure.microsoft.com. This tutorial talks about the following items. 1. What is a Domain Name? 2. What is a Clean URL? 3. How to apply a clean URL? 4. How does a URL work? The tutorial is also available as a transcript at below URL. You can use the below URL to copy commands and source code used in the tutorial. --------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.learningjournal.guru/courses/modern-web-development/core-concepts/what-is-a-clean-url/

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