SWAG Offroad 20 Ton Bending Brake Review and Modifications



SWAG Offroad has been selling brake fixtures for use in a 20 ton brake such as Harbor Freight sells for some time now. In my shop I occasionally make cold bends in steel heavier than 18 gauge. I usually do this with a hammer over a mandrel in a vise. Most heavier pieces get hot bent in the blacksmith shop. Right out of the box I saw two modifications I wanted for my brake and thought I'd offer them to others. These modifications are not warranted by the manufacturer nor by me, but you can see what I did and perhaps make your brake a little better to use. If you see my press shaking it's because I have it on four casters to move around and out of the way. Thanks for viewing and I hope you like the music!

Published by: Andrew Martin
Published at: 2 months ago
Category: ماشین و وسایل نقلیه