The last lamb... and hitting 100K SUBSCRIBERS on the SAME DAY!! (emotional): Vlog 216

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Its been 32 long days. But today, lambing is officially complete!! I'm not sure how this all happened at the same time, but I also reached 100K subs today... I'm not going to lie. I've been a mess today. Hitting this milestone is something I really didn't set out to do with this channel... but the growth over the last 6 months has been unreal, unexpected and I'm missing someone who really championed me to do this. I am so unbelievably thankful that you all are here. Every comment, every piece of advice, every encouraging nudge has been beyond appreciated. Thank you for sharing this day with me. #lambing #sheep #sheepishlyme I FINALLY HAVE MERCH! Subscribe to my channel: MY HUSBAND NOW HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You can follow our grain farming operation over there! Subscribe to his channel: Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Contact Me:

Published by: Sandi Brock
Published at: ۹ months ago
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