Street Fighter V AE Kolin vs Cammy PC Mod

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A fresh match up here as I never controlled Kolin to fight Cammy and it's because Cammy is a pain to fight against. This battle took me a few tries to get as well. Anyways, Kolin is in the Dark Prison mod with gloves and stockings. Meanwhile, Cammy is in the Cammy Cowgirl mod and it contains a ton of variants. This one is in the Texas variant with no pants and wet skin. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. These mods will be seen again as they have variants. One last thing, I had to pick this stage because for some odd reason, Kolin is too shiny especially in the stages with a lot of light. Weird. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great day! Kolin Dark Prison: Cammy Cowgirl:

Published by: Chronoxiong Gaming
Published at: ۱ year ago
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