Smith Machine Bench Press - Chest Exercise

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Smith Machine Bench Press - Chest Exercise Download the app: Read our community blog: (Starting Position) Place a flat bench in the center of a Smith machine and then lie back on it. Your upper chest should be positioned horizontally with the bar. With your lower back slightly arched and your glutes stabilized on the bench, grab the bar using a larger-than-shoulder-width grip. Then, unlock the bar from the rack and hold it directly over your chest with your arms extended. This is the starting position. (First Movement) - Now, inhale as you slowly lower the bar to your chest by bending your elbows and bringing your arms back toward the bench. (Second Movement) - Exhale as you use your pec muscles to press the weights back up to the starting position. (General Tips) - Make sure to keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades pinned to the bench throughout the entire exercise. - When you finish your reps, carefully lock the bar on the rack. If necessary, ask someone to spot you during this exercise.

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