Beethoven: Symphony No.2 / Yuwon Kim · Korean Symphony Orchestra

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코리안심포니오케스트라 'NEXT STAGE' (2019.09.08 17:00) Korean Symphony Orchestra 'NEXT STAGE' 루드비히 판 베토벤 | 교향곡 제2번 라장조 Op.36 L.v. Beethoven | Symphony No.2 in D Major Op.36 지휘 ㅣ 김유원 Yuwon Kim(Conductor) 연주 ㅣ 코리안심포니오케스트라 Korean Symphony Orchestra This is the official YouTube page of the Korean Symphony Orchestra. Since its establishment in 1985, Korean Symphony Orchestra (KSO) has been working to elevate the standing of Korean symphonic music for the past 30 years both domestically and abroad through more than 90 performances annually. Since concluding an exclusive contract with the National Theater of Korea in 1987, the orchestra has held regular joint productions with the Korea National Opera, the Korean National Ballet, and the National Chorus of Korea as part of its repertoire. Currently numbering 100 orchestra and staff members, including two composers-in-residence, KSO continues to work together for the advancement of Korea’s artistic and performance culture.

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