How to Make a RC Car at Home Easy (With Headlight)|Easy Life Hack!

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How to Make a RC Car at Home Easy (With Headlight) It is amazing car for kids. This video is about how to make car at home ,easy and at cheap cost. The materials I have used to make car are easily available. Here is another school project how to make car. Simple and easy to make it. I hope everyone like it. Thank you for watching!! Give me a thump up if you like this video. Things you need: 1 - DC motor (with double sided rod) 2 - Battery 3 - Popsicle sticks or ice scream stick 4 - wheels of broken car 5 - wooden stick 6 - Pen. This is amazing car ! you should try it. Usibg this technic you can make RC Plane,rc helicopter ,rc boat ,rc buggy and rc train . My channel is abaut life hacks and all things,i want to grow my channel like MrGear, American hacker ,Dr screw. Mr.Crazy and Wearex because i am so inspired by them. I also want to thank "b b ki Vines" and "CarryMinati" i am truely inspired by them. I always watch "b b ki Vines New Video" and "CarryMinati New Video" coz their videos are amazing! Thanks For Watching!!

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