Forza Horizon 4 2020 Update! *New Cars!*

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Forza Horizon 4 Series 18 2020 Update! New Cars and MORE!! *MVP's Have Guaranteed Tournament Entry!* Hit The Link! 2 Join The MVPs! 🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥🏁🔥 We have mini-games built into chat where you can fight bosses and do heists with the rest of the chat! Win and you will be rewarded fuel. The fuel leader at the end of the month will be a boss that the chat can take on. Now during a highrollers event, the win percentages have been bumped and the max bets have been lifted dramatically! Get the info you need on the mini-games and fuel system here! 3 Way 2 Fix The Eliminator! 💰👊Thankyou to the MVPs!👊💰 GuiPoulin67🔥 Doggy Craft2🔥 whitehammerfxxk🔥 Стефан Ватев🔥 xFlaRe🔥 Javier Rodriguez🔥 kurt car🔥 IllegibleBump61 YT🔥 Lena Bee🔥 Blaine🔥 💰 Support The Stream! 💰 ▶ ◀ My Gamertag: Mack V Gaming *ELITE* Crew Members (Subscribe to the ELITE Crew) ➡️Mitchell Phillips ➡️PTR Gaming : ➡️DKRecords: ➡️Javier Rodriguez: ➡️Rival Racer: ➡️The Detherage Dialect Multistreaming with

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