Excel VBA for Post-Beginners: (1/6) Series Introduction

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If you know the basics of Excel VBA and want to take the next step, this series is for you. We take an everyday task – creating reports from a database – and look at how to complete it using Excel VBA. The series consists of 6 videos, including the introduction. You can download practice files from the website here: http://tigerspreadsheetsolutions.co.uk/excel-visual-basic-vba-for-post-beginners/ Video 1: Introduction - https://youtu.be/Y-8pP_GWnao Video 2: Record Code to Duplicate Sheets - https://youtu.be/zoVJA3TDocg Video 3: Loops to Duplicate Sheets - https://youtu.be/bxT0lyQsEWE Video 4: Loops and If to Delete Sheets - https://youtu.be/lYzcxsQKwKA Video 5: Offset to Position Data - https://youtu.be/8FSWt0gSgeY Video 6: Create Reports Using VBA - Full Demo - https://youtu.be/PalmGpbIygw If you develop confidence in these areas, it won’t just save you time, it will transform the way you work with Excel spreadsheets. I would love to hear from you – did the series help, and what are you trying to get done using Excel VBA? **FREE** Your Complete Guide to Excel Spreadsheet Projects 50-Minute (non-public) Video and PDF When you sign up to the Tiger mailing list: https://tinyurl.com/ybph5zjc For regular spreadsheet hints and tips and more on the #ExcelRevolution: https://www.facebook.com/TigerSpreadsheetSolutions https://twitter.com/TigSpreadsheets http://tigerspreadsheetsolutions.co.uk

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