Sheep Equipment Expo & Farm Tour (I LOVE THIS FARM!): Vlog 97

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I got to spend a day at my mentor's John & Eadie Steele! They hosted a field day for the Large Flock Operators, and had a sheep handling equipment demonstration as well as a mini trade-show for some exhibitors selling equipment, feed and supplies. John then toured us around the farm. Although, I've been here before (this is where I bought the majority of my flock - the second time...) listening to John and Eadie and seeing the way they farm NEVER gets old. Thanks to all the exhibitors who came out, and to the Large Flock Operator committee for the enormous amount of work that went into this day. And of course, to John and Eadie for hosting us all! To contact John & Eadie: Companies to check out! Music: Subscribe to my channel: DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN WATCH MORE VLOGS AND LISTEN TO PODCASTS OVER AT THE FRAN NETWORK? Check it out here! Follow me on: Snapchat: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Contact Me:

Published by: Sandi Brock
Published at: 2 years ago
Category: مردم و وبلاگ