Card List UI Design | Android Studio Tutorial

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Hello guys Sorry for being absent again, I apologize for everyone who was waiting for new tutorials I’m trying to become more productive and make more tutorials this month. In this video I will design a list card user interface (Categories items) The purpose of this video is to enhance your design skills and to be able to make a beautiful list UI If you find this video useful and helpful in anyway please support the channel by hitting that like button and thanks for watching. ----------------------------------------------------- Video Walkthrough : 00:00 : demo 00:57 : create and design one category item 11:51 : create item POJO class 14:22 : add the recyclerview to our main activity 16:50 : create and configure our recyclerView adapter 26:19 : make the statue bar transparent 29:10 : create a list(Arraylist) of ctegories (this for testing purpose, you may get your data from An API) 31:40 : setup recyclerview with the adapter Check my video about getting data from a json file : ----------------------------------------------------- links : Get cool images From unsplash : Google Plus : Instagram : Github : My blog : ----------------------------------------------------- Music used in this video : Paul Flint ft. Chris Linton - Watch The World Burn Kozah – Haha Ncs Realise OkregLucky - Must do this! :

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