Memorizing Events (wt.)- Testing & Balancing out Leveling Up Stats



Yes yes. Solid Link, this video is for you to see what I've been doing for the past nine hours. I feel I have balanced out the leveling up system. What say you? Also feel free to skip across the part in the beginning where it's just scrolling through all my scripts. The code required to put this together required no more than 967 lines. Setting up the variables, the mechinization, bla bla blah Also if you haven't watched this within three days I'll be super angry. Oh, that's right, the rest of the world. I'm asking my friend here what he thinks of the dandy little system I've made up. This game is being made by me, so far relatively single-handedly development-wise (Aside from some help from the GMG), I'm using Game Maker 6.1 and I'm slating a release somewhere outside of eternity. If any Game Maker users would like to know how to recreate anything you've seen in the video, I'd be happy to help ^_^

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