How To Make Trance Kick And Bass | Trance Tutorial

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Thank you for watching How To Make Trance Kick And Bass, I anticipate I have earned you subscription. I am consistently asked how to make kick and bass and here we are with another trance tutorial. However this is covering more of the making of a kick to work with the bass rather than using a sampled kick drum. Using Kick 2 and massive to create nice trance bass, we take a look at using the powerful synths to make a perfect trance kick and bass combination. Kick 2 is a synth geared at kick drum synthesis and with it pitch control we can achieve the first step to marrying the kick and bass together. Match your kick to the root note of your track (usually the first bass note you have in your sequence) Then as shown in this demonstration I use a psytrance example with a 3 note rolling bass which mean we need a shorter, tighter and punchier kick to fir before these note without overlapping these bass notes too much or at all! Follow Me: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter #trancefamily #kickandbass #demishellen #trancefam #tranceaddict #trancetutorial #trancetutorials #musicproduction #edmtutorials

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