HiFiMAN Waterline RE 400 Review

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GET THEM HERE === http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/re-400 === HiFiMAN RE-400 In Ear Headphones Pros: - Easy to drive - Incredible mids - some of the best I've heard - Comfort - other than the Klipsch S4's, they're the most comfortable I've tried - Neutrality - very natural sound - Great set of included accessories Cons: - Lot of competition in this price range for in ears As mentioned in the video, these are an excellent set of in ears, provided you're the audience these are intended for. These headphones are not for lovers of bass heavy genres like rap/hip-hop, dance, trance, dubstep, etc. However, if you're wanting to really enjoy some vocals or instrumental music, these things will be honey for your ears. They are so neutral in their approach that they are just a pleasure to listen to with the right genres. On top of that, the fact that these just disappear in your ears and cause no discomfort is a huge plus. These can be worn for hours on end with no discomfort and no fatigue from listening. A true joy to listen to when combined with the appropriate listening materials. Get them here: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/re-400 http://www.headphonereviewhq.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/headphonereviewhq Twitter: @headphonehq Subscribe today!!! Remember to Leave a Thumbs Up!

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