People Who Took ANIME Creations To Another Dimension ▶2

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Anime is the classic Japanese style of cartoon and show. When you think of anime, you imagine of all sorts of fantasy from swords and sorcery to excitement and magic. Here at Quantastic we decided to again, honour the art and the skill behind anime and all that it brings to the art world. Check Out These Amazing Artists: IZUYO0719 Instagram: Youtube: Other: DONNY DUST Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: Other: Shop: MADPRINCEDESIGNS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: DEEPINS Instagram: Tiktok: Twitch: MICAH SWEEZIE Instagram: Tiktok: Web: CHO-KOUSAKU TETE Instagram: LAINAH Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: CUSTOMSBYURIEL Instagram: Tiktok: Web: 琢青坊 Douyin ID: Xy961115 Kuaishou ID: Xyl61115 CRAFTYFOX Instagram: Web: Other: SORA KITSUNE COSPLAY Instagram: TMAYE0213 Web: LUMINY’S ATELITE Facebook: ABISAI MONTEJANO Instagram: Tiktok: CAMILA CENTENO BONNET Instagram: Shop: ART BY RUBEN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: ARCHIVE SUNDAY - SASHA SLOAN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: DESART DESTRO Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: XL TEAM Etsy: KAREN Instagram: SOY Instagram: YUKI GODBLESS COSPLAYER Facebook: DEMONICBOO Web: ALISSA FROM FRIED RICE ART Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: MIYA KATAYAMA Instagram: Tiktok: Web: 想画画的吉仔 Bilibili ID: 78596509 MOMJESUS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: CAM PICKSTOCK Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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