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Hello and welcome to Quantastic, and what a special episode we have for you today. This time we are visiting LEGO builders to see what they are up to these days. We have put together a few classic styles together with some extremely intriguing art forms that will blow your mind. Check Out These Amazing Artists: LEGO Instagram: Youtube: Web: From its humble beginning in 1934 in Billund, Denmark, the LEGO company has grown to be one of the largest toy corporations around the world. DANTE DENTONI Instagram: Dante Dentoni Is well-known for imbedding Lego art into walls, beams and ceilings, the Miami-based artist's work has achieved international recognition MADDI WINTER Instagram: Tiktok: Maddi Winter has earned the verification crown on TikTok to go along with her more than 3.1 million fans. IVAN SKYBA Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Ivan Skyba AKA The Bartenderis makes magical type shots on his TikTok of many different designs and flags. C4D4U Instagram: Youtube: Chris makes animations and very interesting videos on his Youtube channel MEADOW PERRY Instagram: Tiktok: Meadow Perry is an American magician and actress. · She performs her original Bubble Magic Show nationwide for organizations, and internationally for festivals ... SAMSOFY.S Instagram: NOBU TARY Instagram: LUVSTHEMOUSE Flickr: CRAIG WHITE Web: ARTBYOUMS Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Shop: This American Artist specializes in photorealistic graphite drawings BROOKLYNSNOBS Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: BrooklynSnobs lives and works in Brooklyn,NY. An artist exploring topics anywhere from human behavior to science fiction. JESS Instagram: Shop: Jess makes unique resin and clay mouth scultures, handmade pins & popsockets on her ETSY JAKE STEELE Instagram: Tiktok: Other: Jake Steele is a tattoo artist, Painter from Pittsburgh, PA SEAN CHARMATZ Instagram: KOTY VEZDE Instagram: FRANCOIS DOURLEN Instagram: MINIATURE MH Twitter: WHERE TO GET Web: JOE LACH Instagram: Tiktok: Joes inspiration comes from his energy was really bored and now does a bunch of different things ARQRADIO Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: ARQADIO is a platform that brings together the entire community of architecture lovers, miniature construction LUIS MIRANDA Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Twitter: Makersplace: Luis Miranda is a 3D Motion Designer with a passion for empowering artists around the world. KELLY VIOLET Kelly Violet currently works from Parliament Tattoo in London and is one of the most in demand black workers in the industry AYAE SUZUKI Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Twitter: Cocottó has an onlinen store and enjoys organizing parties with the most beautiful decoration items. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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