Humans of CIA

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"I was not able to find fulfilling employment. Trying to find a job that would really take me on my journey in a career was virtually impossible." #DiscoverCIA -- Alt text: Laura, a blind officer, sits on a bench within CIA headquarters with her black guide dog. She is then seen outside the CIA headquarters walking with her guide dog and is eventually seen being guided up a ramp. Laura enters the CIA building through automatic doors with her guide dog and then across the Agency's seal in the headquarters' lobby. Laura and her guide dog walk up the stairs in the CIA headquarters' lobby and then walk through the Agency's main halls passing both a mural of the Statue of Liberty's torch alongside the CIA mission statement - We are the nation's first line of defense. We go where others cannot go. And accomplish what others can not accomplish. - and then walks past the Director's Gallery that showcases painted portraits of all of the Agency's former Directors. Then, she and her dog appear sitting next to the Agency's Koi pond as he lovingly licks her face. The closing seen shows Laura and her guide dog walking up a slight incline outside of CIA's headquarters.

Published by: Central Intelligence Agency
Published at: 8 months ago
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