EM Bokashi (full version)

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This video is brought to you by http://www.TeraGanix.com. The original full-length version of the EM® Bokashi video produced in 1997 through a grant from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. The video is an educational presentation made with mainly for school teachers to set up a school fermented food waste recycling program. This video contains information about EM•1® Microbial Inoculant, how to make EM® Bokashi, and how to completely ferment all food wastes from a school cafeteria. (This type of program can be done anywhere: home, work, schools, etc. on a small or large scale and allows for nearly odor-free recycling of all food wastes including meat and dairy products.) We have a recipe for making bokashi on our website: http://www.teraganix.com/EM-Bokashi-Recipe-s/262.htm.

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