Sony A7R IV Animal Eye Autofocus (Sony 200-600mm)

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#sonya7riv #sonya7r4 #sony200600 Sony says: "...AI-based Real-time Eye AF has evolved to a new level, now providing reliable real-time eye autofocus for animals" showing sample images of cats, dogs, lions and foxes. I did some tests using the Sony A7R IV, 90mm macro lens and the new 200-600mm tele lens. Have you experienced better results? SONY A7R IV - First Impressions: Subscribe for new content every week: Instagram: New Photography Facebook Group: 💥 PRODUCTION GEAR I USE 💥 Sigma 24mm F1.4 Sony Sel-200600G: Sony Alpha 6300: Sony SEL-90M28G G Makro: Filming Light: Flash NW880S: Sony SEL-P18105G G(aps-c):

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