SpaceX Builds New Orbital Starship



#spacex #journeytomars #starship SpaceX Builds New Orbital Starship Link► ✱If this video was quite help to you, please share this video with your loved ones and let them know of this channel. Thanks for watching. tags: mars exploration journey to mars starship mars exploration 2018 mars exploration rover mission mars exploration 2019 mars exploration 2018 documentary mars exploration rover animation exploration of space cosmic gate space exploration space travel spacex space documentary spacex falcon 9 spacex launch spacex landing spacex starship mission to mars _________________________________________________________________ SpaceX Builds New Orbital Starship: For unknown reasons, SpaceX technicians uninstalled Starhopper’s Raptor – the second full-scale engine ever built – shortly after the vehicle’s first true hop test and proceeded to package it up for shipment elsewhere, likely McGregor’s test facilities or the Hawthorne factory. Simultaneously, the third completed Raptor (SN03) was recently installed in McGregor according to photos and observations published by, preparing to continue to the engineering verification tests that began in February. Once those tests are complete and the engine design is modified to account for the lessons learned with Raptor SN01, SpaceX’s next step will be to begin ramping Raptor production in preparation for multi-engine Starhopper testing and – eventually – the completion of the first orbit-capable Starship prototype. STARHOPPER SLIPS THE SURLY BONDS Over the course of the last two weeks, SpaceX has been almost continuously testing the first integrated Starship prototype, a partial-fidelity vehicle known as Starhopper. The testing primarily involved almost a dozen wet dress rehearsals (WDRs) in which the rocket was filled with some quantity of liquid oxygen and methane propellant and helium for pressurization as engineers and technicians worked through several bugs preventing Raptor from safely operating. According to CEO Elon Musk, some form of ice – potentially methane, oxygen, or even water – was forming in or around parts known as “prevalves”, likely referring to valves involved in the process of supply rocket engines with the right amount of fuel and oxidizer. _____________________________________________________________ ✱ - This video has no negative impact on the original works - This video is also for research and commenting purposes. - It is not transformative in nature. - we only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary. If you are the legal content owner of any material posted on this channel and would like it removed please message us at for removal. _______________________________________________________________ More Videos? 1) Wait for it- Mr. Steven’s final West Coast fairing recovery Tests before shipping out Link► 2) SpaceX's Hexagon Tiles for Starship Heat Shield Pass Fiery Test Link► 3) Elon Musk shows off first SpaceX RAPTOR Engine Test Fire, built to launch the Starship Rocket Link► 4) 10 Things To Know About SpaceX’s Powerful Falcon Heavy Link► 5) SpaceX Falcon Heavy double booster landing Link► _________________________________________________________________ ✱ Subsribe to TOPPINS channel for more videos like this: Link► ✱We will be uploading videos quite frequently. Make sure to turn that Notification Bell icon on. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the channel. Stick around. We'll be posting again real real soon. TOPPINS ♛

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