LUMI Keys & BLOCKS x ROLI Studio Player: Compose and produce faster

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** LIMITED TIME OFFER! Back LUMI on Kickstarter today and SAVE 25% on LUMI Keys: ** Jack Parisi shows you how to compose and produce your tracks faster with LUMI Keys, Lightpad Block and Live Block with the included ROLI Studio Player for desktop. FEATURES: Snap Lightpad Block to your LUMI Keys to gain complete control over the Smart Features of ROLI Studio Player including: — Macros and effects: Add delay, reverb and more on Lightpad Block as you perform with LUMI Keys. Or use the Lightpad as an XYZ pad for more control over every sound. — Smart Chords: Switch between thirds, fifths and sustained chords on Lightpad Block as you play them on LUMI Keys. You can even add a strum! — Arpeggios: Change the sequencing and frequency of any arpeggios in real time on Lightpad Block. — Add drums to your track on the Lightpad Block’s expressive surface. Or use the Lightpad as a second melodic instrument. — Speed up your workflow with Live Block, which gives you access to ROLI Studio Player features like Smart Chords and the arpeggiator at the touch of a button. More from PARISI: Back LUMI on Kickstarter today:

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