GTA 5 PC Mods - Mario Kart 8 - N64 Yoshi Valley

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So i've been wanting to do map videos for some time now but fivem doesn't work with a modded game so i didn't, i wanted to do a video of the desert map too which i might do nowm finally map mods are getting great i couldn't help but to notice the details to the mountain all around it was an entirely new experience from gta 4 can't wait for gostown and anderius mod by mrvicho13 sorry for the lack of uploads you know how i feel no need to repeat it, it's hard to find motivation so i just make videos whenever i feel like it won't make any difference to my channels life wheather i make one or not and it's been getting increasingly difficult to make one as i feel my videos simply aren't good enough anymore in a world of facecams and and screaming and laughing theres me who does the same exact thing i've done the last 6 years and well thats not good enough anymore so yeah i've given up on growing my channel i just do videos now just when i feel like it

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