BrAun Series 7 Review - BrAun Series 7 Unboxing - Braun Series 7 Hands On

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Braun series 7 Review Source : Different models in a series, same performance Before diving into the meaty details, it’s important to note that both the Series 7 and Series 9 are available in different variations. These include models suitable for dry only use (like the Series 7 790cc or the Series 9 9090cc), for wet & dry use (Series 7 797cc, Series 9 9290cc) and they can also come with or without a cleaning station. Some models can have different names or color scheme depending on where they’re being sold. What really matters is that all the models in a series, be it 7 or 9, have identical shaving performance and selecting one variation over another simply comes down to your personal needs and budget. For this reason I won’t be necessarily referring to specific models from the Series 7 or the Series 9, but rather to a series as a whole. Since their original release, both the Series 7 and 9 have been updated and new models were introduced.

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