Method NA vs Cloud9 | Grand Finals | AWC Shadowlands - S1 NA Finals

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The top teams from the Arena World Championship (AWC) Circuit are competing this weekend for their share of the $200,000 (USD) global prize pool in the Season 1 Finals! From more than 200 teams competing in Cup 1, to only four teams remaining in both Europe and North America, the final contest for which teams will reign supreme is here. The top four teams in each region from the AWC Circuit face off this weekend for their share of the $200,000 (USD) global prize pool and title of Regional Champions. ► Follow WoW Esports on Twitter! ► Subscribe for more WoW Esports: ► Schedule: ► Gear & Talents: ► AWC Shadowlands: Circuit Trailer: ► Viewer's Guide: DAY 2 SUNDAY MATCH 1 CLOUD9 vs GOLDEN GUARDIANS MATCH 2 METHOD NA vs OTK MATCH 3 LOSER OF MATCH 2 vs LOSER OF MATCH 1 MATCH 4 WINNER OF MATCH 1 vs WINNER OF MATCH 2 MATCH 5 LOSER OF MATCH 4 vs WINNER OF MATCH 3 MATCH 6 WINNER OF MATCH 4 vs WINNER OF MATCH 5 ► EU Rosters: Creed : Trenacetate, Drainer, Sazamizy, Bakka Reload Esports : Lontar, Vilaye, Merce, Mystic Skill Capped EU : Maro, Blizo, Froffsy Method EU : Chas, Zunniyaki, Whaazz, Thesia ► NA Rosters: Golden Guardians : Absterge, Wizk, Pikaboo, Jellybeans OTK : Mes, Cdew, Samiyam, Trill Cloud9 : Chanimal, Wealthyman, Kubzy, Snutz METHOD NA : Ceralium, Brain, Drake, Prev #WoWEsports​ #AWC2021​ #ArenaWorldChampionship​ #WorldofWarcraft​ #Shadowlands

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