36 Reasons Why I am Weird

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Really, everyone is somewhat "weird" in their own way. Some just have more reasons than others...haha. Sooo here are some of the things I could think of that are weird about me. It did not take me very long to think of these things because for most of these, I am told over and over again about how weird they are haha. Like I explained in the video, I tried to organize them from least to most weird. Not completely accurate, but I tried haha DONT FORGET: leave me comment if we have any of these 36 things in common. and if we dont, give me a reason why YOU are weird....cuz im sure there are a lot ;) BTW, I have not been neglecting my account on purpose haha Its just that i started college this month and i have been trying to do a whole bunch of filming so that i can spread out the editing when i have time...if that makes sense. I have 3 completely filmed videos right now that have to be edited, so dont go away! haha SUBSCRIBE for more!

Published by: Moriah Elizabeth
Published at: ۶ years ago
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