BEST EVER PIZZA WITH VEGAN MOZZARELLA | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

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MY BOOK IS OUT NOW! recipe - Hey Guys, below are some amazon links to various 'hard to get' products etc, I used in this video. Tapioca Starch - My Blender - Nutritional Yeast - My Chef Knives - Hoody from This is the episode 8 from Season Three, the final episode from the series! VEGAN PIZZA'S!!! I made these vegan pizzas in an outdoor wood fired pizza oven, however they can be made just as well in a conventional oven set at 200 degrees C. You will learn how to make vegan pizza mozzarella, the tomato pizza sauce & the pizza bread base! I hope you enjoy the video & tag me in any vegan pizza pictures if you recreate. Thanks Gaz . Tag @avantgardevegan on Instagram if you recreate this dish. Don't forget to hit Subscribe & Follow me on all of my social media accounts for the latest updates... FOLLOW AVANTGARDEVEGAN ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW AVANTGARDEVEGAN ON TWITTER: FOLLOW AVANTGARDEVEGAN ON FACEBOOK: For all business inquiries, such as collaborations, sponsorship etc contact music by #AVANTGARDEVEGAN

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