Spectrum 3D scanner - three scanning modes

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Spectrum 3D scanner is capable to work in three scanning modes: Scanning with automatic turntable Quick and easy scanning of small and medium-sized objects on the automatic turntable. Capturing a 360-degree 3D model of an object takes only two minutes. Free scan You can easily render complex geometry and large items with the latest automatic algorithm of meshes registration by geometry of the object. In addition, the manual modes are available for professional users to have full control over a 3D model creating. Scanning with markers Fast and accurate way to merge multiple scans in an automatic mode. Perfect for scanning large and smooth objects (eg cylindrical shape or with plenty of flat surfaces). Markers can be used in two ways. They can be applied directly on the object or placed on the surface around the object. Then any surface becomes a platform for 3D scanning of even too heavy objects. Learn more about Spectrum at http://spectrum3dscanner.com/ Any questions? Interested in becoming a reseller? Drop us an email to partners@rangevision.com

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Published at: 3 years ago
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