JOHNNY DOOM & Project Remap Doom II Remake [100% SECRETS]

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Johnny Doom is an arcade'y feeling modification for uh... Doom, with several changes to the gameplay, including the temporary powerups, really awesome to use. Project Remap is a plan to remake the Doom II Hell On Earth maps, making them slightly longer with new secrets to explore. While the weapons are pretty much the same as in Brutal Doom J (including the rifle from v20b), other sprites are changed with some alternate fire modes. I advice you to play on the suggested difficulty level, some enemies might become bullet sponges on harder difficulties. The Plasma Rifle can overheat, it fires much faster when you hold the trigger, it doesn't need to be reloaded, just you can be defenceless when you fire too much. The Assault Rifle is not a starting weapon, it holds 30 rounds in a magazine, its secondary fire is a short 3-round burst while using the ironsights. Pistol (Doom 64 default pistol based on the Desert Eagle) is a quite powerful starting weapon, you are able to land some instant kill headshots with it at former humans. Rocket Launcher is by far one of the most powerful weapons, deals a lot of damage (both splash and direct), secondary fire lobs projectiles like a grenade and there is a Hellfire Powerup. Hellfire Missiles are one of the powerups able to activate once JPoints are massed, missiles leave the fire particles on the ground, damaging all of the enemies in proximity, cool stuff. There is also a No Reloading powerup that turns every weapon into a full automatic or semi-automatic weapon (think of Super Pump-Action Shotgun), awesome to use during the tough ambushes. But, EXPLOSIVE HEADSHOTS is one of the most crazy powerups you might ever find, Pinkies basically explode everytime taking all lesser enemies with them, it turns big fights to grinders. You can also throw the grenades at enemies, they really do tons of damage, taking 10 or more enemies at once is quite often, if you do not know what to do, there are plenty of grenades to throw. Finishers are great if you are low on ammo, health or armor - for example finishing off the Shotgunners give you plenty of shotgun shells, the bigger the enemy, the better is your reward. 00:17 - MAP01 Entryway 07:59 - MAP02 Underhalls 17:59 - MAP03 The Gantlet 30:04 - MAP04 The Focus Johnny Doom - Project Remap - Doom Metal Vol. 5 -

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