How to make a portable Linux USB! 2019 - Real Tutorials

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In this tutorial, I will teach you how you can create a portable, bootable Linux USB. This allows you to use the SAME operating system from any computer by making data persistent. You will need: - USB - Universal USB Installer from here - Copy of Operating System (Ubuntu from here To launch into the USB you’ll need to restart your computer and open up the bios. Each brand has a different button to press which you can find online. On my Dell computer, it is F2. The best way to open the BIOS is to repeatedly press that button till it opens. Then navigate to boot order and move your drive to above the windows drive. Next save, then restart your computer and you should launch Ubuntu. If you liked the video, please show your appreciation by liking and subscribe for more reviews, unboxings and tutorials! FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM- TWITTER- For Business inquires email: Credits: Outro Template made by Grabster -

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